We are proud to provide our patients with pain-free dentistry through modern technology. How? Laser technology!

Improving Dentistry with Laser Technology

The laser we use in-office here at Beavercreek Dental is called a Solea® Laser. We prefer this laser type for many reasons. Here are just a couple:

Many dental lasers only work on soft tissue. That means if a patient comes in with periodontal disease, we can clean out pockets of bacteria with a laser in a pain-free procedure. We can also use soft tissue lasers to cosmetically shape your gums if gingivitis or other issues have caused them to become misshapen. It’s incredible technology and is a far cry from having to a pull a tooth simply because a periodontal pocket has formed.

However, the laser we keep in-office has more capability, allowing us to work on enamel as well as soft tissue. This means that not only don’t you have to hear horrendous drilling when you need a cavity filled, but we can also provide precision and often pain-free options for several dental conditions.

How Does Laser Technology Create Pain-Free Dentistry?

Lasers are basically very intense light. This light is so intense that it can act as a cutting instrument, but it also closes wounds almost immediately after opening them. The incredibly quick work done via laser technology allows for minimal bleeding, a minimum of swelling, and little to no pain during the dental procedure.

Additionally, lasers are computer optimized, which means they are extremely precise. No unnecessary drilling will be done during a laser procedure. This is an enormous comfort to patients who have had bad experiences at previous dentists.

If pain-free dentistry seems too good to be true, we invite you to come in and take a look at our laser. You may not actually need procedures requiring a laser, but if you do need treatment for periodontal disease, a cavity filled, tooth whitening procedures, and more – you will be happy that we use the Solea® Laser here at Beavercreek Dental!

Are you suffering from tooth pain or do you need to schedule your next oral care appointment? Contact us today! We are here to provide you with dental health and comfort.