Some dental procedures, such as tooth extractions and oral surgery, may call for our office to prescribe medications before or after a procedure. These medications are used to prevent or fight an infection, or to relieve any post-operative discomfort and pain.

For these reasons, it’s extremely important that you share your entire medical history with our office. This includes any medications you are currently taking. Some medications used in dentistry could interact with those medications in a detrimental way. In addition, if you have any allergic reactions to certain medications it’s important for our office to know beforehand.

Finally, if you are prescribed any medication by our office, follow the dosage instructions very carefully. If instructed, finish your entire prescription even if you’re no longer feeling pain.

For more information about oral health and other topics relating to dentistry please visit our Patient Education page. Beavercreek Dental cares about your oral health and the first step in preventing dental problems is good dental hygiene. Learn more about good oral hygiene and information dental procedures on our Patient Education page.


Miriam was very thorough in her explanation of my needs and I am going ahead with her recommendations. I hope this could be the start of a long relationship with this office.

John R.

Oregon City, OR