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Keeping Your Teeth Clean, Healthy & Smiling with our General Dentistry Services

Beavercreek Dental - General Dentistry remove coffee stainsGeneral dentistry services can include periodontal exams, x-rays, preventative care (teeth cleaning, fluoride treatment, sealants), caries treatment (fillings, caps, crowns), teeth whitening, and more. We welcome patients of any age, and invite you to come into our office for a consultation!

Dental cleanings and exams are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.
It’s important to remove the built-up tartar and calculus that simply can’t be reached or removed by brushing.  Catching tooth decay early can save your teeth. Did you know gum disease accounts for the greatest cause of tooth loss in adults? But the good news is that regular dental visits give you the best chances to prevent gum disease.

Did you know fillings will help strengthen your tooth?
We don’t use your grandma’s fillings, the materials we use today are mercury free, composite fillings. These “white fillings” are a combination of strong resin and porcelain materials that are literally bonded to your teeth. This technology actually helps them to bond to the tooth structure and literally strengthen the entire tooth.

We use State-of-the-Art digital dental X-rays for the most accurate diagnosis.
Dental X-Rays are an incredible tool and provide us with the information we need to make an accurate diagnosis.



Beautiful office with an excellent, well trained, staff and dentist. Dr.Kim is a man of few words, but he knows his profession and he is one of the best I have been treated by.

Gary B.

Oregon City, OR


IT MAY BE TEMPTING TO SKIP A DENTAL checkup now and then. But remember that regular checkups and professional cleanings can actually save you time and money. Even more importantly, they can save your teeth and your health.